BackstoryBackstory: On a lonely island, far from the California coastline, there is situated a maximum- security prison, known to most by its nickname of “Angel Island,” as it is only through death that inmates can escape. Many have attempted to break out, only to be arrested by the fierce prison guards or caught in one of the many security traps loitering along the path to freedom. There has been just one successful escape attempt in the detention centre’s history: that of Mr. X and his amphibian henchmen. Now that you and your teammates are locked away in the depths of the prison, can you find the tools Mr. X has left behind and use them to recreate his escape attempt? You only have one hour before the guards complete their shift change... What are you waiting for?


NOTES:Watch your head and take caution when performing dangerous tasks

MAIN POINT:Even though you are separated, you need to cooperate in order to escape!