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Sanctum of Mr-X

About MR.X

About Mr.X, we are inspired by the original takagism desingers.
We are respecting the initial creation and their wisdom, however,
We still insist with our own ideas and we are going to make our own
"Takagism" for our players. To make perfect experience for our clients.
Based on their success experience, we improve our new game on every

X means "unknown" "infinity" "Goal" and "Hope"
X which also means crossover,growth,team work, perfect combinations。

All of above are our spirit of the develop team.

AKA:Escape from the Sanctum

Game Intro:
The game's mission is escape from the room
which is a kind of AVG game.
The player will be locked in a certian room.
You need to try every way to get out of the room.



总 店:上海市黄浦区局门路550号八号桥三期1号楼

上 海    长宁店:上海市长宁区定西路528号(进延安中路)

成 都    成华店:成都市成华区建设南支路一号东郊记忆 (前东区音乐公园) 火车头广场旁

南 京    白下店:南京市白下区中山东路532-2,南工院

深 圳    福田店:深圳市福田区华强北华富路与振华路交界处海外装饰大厦1栋二楼

天 津    河东店:天津市河东区津滨大道河东万达广场A座16楼